"Summer Sore No More" Poultice & Spray Kit

2 Step Poultice and Spray Kit

You will be amazed in discovering the healing benefits of this highly effective natural product! It CLEANS, TREATS and PROTECTS!!! 

Customer Reviews:

~ June 24, 2017 Lisa Lent "As a volunteer at the Sarasota County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol barn, I have seen owner Robin Stinson donate a substantial amount of Fior Anam products for the horses. Being I care for them, I got to use all of the products donated. I can honestly say these products are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Not only do these products smell great and are gentle, they work! This time of year we are combating summer sores. Robin has made us multiple batches of the poultice which are a GOD sent in helping treat and prevent these horrible sores. The fly spray is fantastic too, not only does it work great on the horses but on us volunteers too! The shampoo and conditioners leave the horses clean and fresh smelling while moisturizing their skin. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE PRODUCTS!"

~ August 26, 2017 Laura Hubbard Davies "I am totally blown away by the summer sores no more powder. I used it on an ugly cut, not a summer sore, but still. I'd been treating this cut for two weeks with typical products and was seeing almost no progress. One week with this clay, maybe 4-5 applications, and the cut is almost GONE. I was worried it would heal with a scar or even proud flesh; but not with this miracle powder!! It's truly amazing. Buy it. You won't be disappointed. Also, the company itself is very personable and thoughtful. Great experience!"

~ September 26, 2017 Kate Ann Boucher Cooper "I'm completely amazed with this product. I've used it for three days on a horse that had horrible summer sores that turned into proud flesh. After using wonder dust to remove the proud flesh I needed something to heal over the fresh flesh. I went open sores to pink new flesh in just three days."

Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Cicatrisant Antiseptic. Draws out impurities, toxins and bacteria. Soothes inflammation and seals for healing and protection. Electromagnetically charged for purifying. Pulling power helps to get oxygen into the cells.

*Your kit will include 1 lb. of dry poultice so you can mix the exact amount you need. ELIMINATE WASTE! You will also receive 16 oz. of our proprietary spray blend that heals, dries and kills parasites. ALL NATURAL!

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