About Us


As a horse breeder and exhibitor for 30+ years I have obtained intimate knowledge and experience with the magnificent being of the horse. They too have been my teachers and guides. In 2003, I was ever so fortunate for my now friend and mentor, Rahansia Ben Mejuri, to find me and my equine partners. It was Gentle Gaits Equestrian Center that was the home of our beginning. Although a healthier and more holistic approach to life had been a passion of mine for many years, Rahansia’s guidance, teachings, spirituality and simple beliefs is what deeply inspired me and set me on this beautiful journey. Sharing my passion with others to improve their lifestyle became a personal mission and so my vision evolved. In keeping with my natural, organic and holistic approaches I chose the name Fior Anam, meaning “pure soul” in Celtic. In the health care industry, the term holistic is used to describe treatments of the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Although I first began with the creation of the horse products, I quickly began the people products soon thereafter. Fior Anam has been one of my most rewarding and fulfilling endeavors to date. I continue to work diligently on preserving the quality and outstanding customer service that my customers have come to expect all the while expanding both product lines.



Fior Anam is dedicated to providing holistic, all-natural (organic) alternatives for horses and people. "If I wouldn’t put it on myself I am not putting it on my horse!"