"Thrush Rid"


NO stains, NO goop, NO more thrush! Our all natural blend of antibacterial, drying and healing ability formula does just that. It is easy to use, treats the thrush causing bacteria and is not harmful to your horse’s feet or you!

Customer Review ~ July 9, 2017 Susie Morrow Reid "I have found these products to be amazing and environmentally wonderful. My horses are part of our family and they deserve to be protected from the dangerous products and the flys! The thrush and rain rot treatments are fabulous and work really fast. The well thought out products are safe and very effective!!!!!"

Directions: Clean all crevices of hoof with hoof pick prior. Use the brush on the hoof pick to remove loose dirt and debris. The better you clean the hoof the more the Thrush Rid can penetrate and work on the bacteria. Shake well. Squirt Thrush Rid on the sole of the foot in the crevices of the frog and hoof wall. Repeat twice per day. Once clear use our Happy Hooves conditioner to restore any lost moisture to the hoof. Due to the use of natural ingredients and limited preservatives the color and consistency of the product may vary. 

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Thyme, Cassia, Vitamin E

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