Massage Therapy for Horses


Horse Massage dates clear back to the ancient Greece when horses were massaged prior to battle and during the Olympic games as a means of improving their performance. There are many modern day types and techniques that are rapidly becoming more recognized for their overall health benefits both preventative and restorative. The sessions begin with an evaluation to determine the specific needs of the horse at which time the therapist will discuss their observations with the horses owner/rider. Keep in mind that massage therapy is not just for performance horses. Muscle is muscle…and as we all know it can be pulled, strained or injured at any time. Some of the many benefits can include but are not limited to:

  • Reduces pain and tension
  • Stimulates the release of endorphins
  • Lowers risk of injury
  • Improves muscle tone and elongates connective tissue
  • Increases flow of nutrient-rich blood to muscles
  • Stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic system
  • Improved emotional health and behavior
  • Overall relaxation

Fior Anam's expertise and services are offered throughout the state of Florida and have created quite the equine fan base! CLICK HERE to reach us via our contact page if you are interested in scheduling a session. We look forward to working with you and helping your horse reach a level of optimum health and wellness. 

Customer Reviews:

~ November 29, 2016 Rachael K "One happy little mare tonight!! HUGE thanks to Robin Stinson!!! Faith and Wrangler loved you!! And I cannot WAIT to use your products!!!"

~ March 4, 2017 Judy Spatz "Robin was amazing! She is very knowledgeable and patient. Our horses are looking forward to her next visit."

~ March 4, 2017 Christine Thomas "Robin is such a wonderful equine massage therapist and is always such a joy to learn from! I credit Robin with so much of my mare's progress while in training to Robin working out her kinks and helping her feel her best. Robin is such a strong advocate for her products as well, leaving me with samples after Ducky's first massage and since then, I'm hooked on her fly spray, thrush treatment, and shine conditioning serum. The fly spray smells wonderful and works better than anything I've bought in stores. It also leaves Ducky's coat soft and shiny. The thrush treatment also smells great and works so well at keeping my horses feet thrush free! I've tried many thrush products with my mare and this is the best so far at maintaining strong, thrush free feet. So happy to have met Robin and to be able to trust her with my mare's health!"

~ October 20, 2017 Lexi Marie "Thank you, Robin and the gang for presenting Equine Massage Therapy to the veterinary assisting program at University High School. Learning about equine body systems and interacting with Senator and Dreamer was a great opportunity for our students! Thanks again!!"

~ October 22, 2017 Catey Kuzma "Robin came out and worked on my husbands horse Copper today. He’s been stiff and sore and Robin worked us in to help him get some relief. Copper is already walking better and loved the TLC Robin gave him. Can’t wait to have Robin back out, thank you!!!"