"Rain Rot" Remedy

16 oz. Spray

A rapid-acting and effective anti-fungal spray for the healing and drying of rain rot and other skin conditions. This spray is non greasy and non-caustic. The aloe base is soothing to the skin while the tea tree, calendula and tamanu oils heal.

Customer Review ~ July 9, 2017 Susie Morrow Reid "I have found these products to be amazing and environmentally wonderful. My horses are part of our family and they deserve to be protected from the dangerous products and the flys! The thrush and rain rot treatments are fabulous and work really fast. The well thought out products are safe and very effective!!!!!"

Directions: Wash areas of concerns with our pH balanced medicated shampoo softening and removing scabs. Spray directly on areas of concern several times per day. Keep area clean by washing regularly.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Aloe, Tea Tree, Calendula, & Tamanu Oils

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