Skin Cocktails

Cocktails Anyone?

A cocktail is "a mixture of diverse elements or ingredients" and that's exactly what these are! Did you know that your body absorbs up to 60% of what is placed on your skin? Consider how many products you put on you and your children's skin and the fact that the majority of these products "claim" to be natural, organic, safe or green. In truth and most cases they are not. What they claim to be "natural" is a very, very small portion of the product. Further, the "beneficial" ingredient(s) are most often at the bottom of the list.

Our special blended cocktails are full of natural, beneficial and organic ingredients and are now offered in an easy to use 2 oz. size.

  • Acne Spot Treatment- Hit the spot for an anti-inflammatory and healing touch up.
  • Eczema Tamer- Reduce itching, burning and embarrassment with calming oatmeal and skin stabilizing oils.
  • Tender Muscle Rub- Ease those sore, aching muscle from overwork or even arthritis without strong odor.
  • Massage Oil- Soothing, conditioning Jojoba lightly scented for a wonderful aromatherapy experience.