"Happy Hooves" Conditioner

32 oz.

You've heard the saying, “No hoof, No horse." before I'm sure. Well healthy hooves start from the inside out with good nutrition and exercise. But when external elements affect your horse’s feet a good conditioner can make all the difference.

The hoof wall is virtually non-absorbent but needs to maintain a healthy moisture balance. The coronary band is an excellent place that is often overlooked where products with vitamins meant to condition or improve hoof health should be applied. The other objective is to allow the hoof to maintain its natural moisture balance by sealing in as much as possible in order to remain flexible.

Directions: For best results massage some of the conditioner into the coronary band and paint the hoof wall and sole. Shake and Open the container carefully. Due to the use of natural ingredients and limited preservatives the color and consistency of the product may vary.

Ingredients: Happy Hooves contains a blend of simple ingredients that meet both objectives! Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E

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