Thermal Imaging for Horses

You ever get the feeling that your horse is just a  little bit 'off' but not really know why? Well, Thermal Imaging (Thermography) for your horse can show you! Horses are naturally prey animals and will mask injury to prevent predation. Thermal Imaging can identify areas of injury up to three weeks before your horse would actually exhibit noticeable clinical symptoms. It pinpoints exactly where the issues are, allowing a specifically targeted course of spot treatments to be administered. Below are just some of the areas and or issues that can be identified and ultimately benefited from Thermal Imaging services:

  • Back, ligament, tendon or muscle (pain, spasms, lesions, tears)
  • Hoof or foot problems (incorrectly balanced, wall length, pressure, friction)
  • Nerve damage (inflammation, bulging disk)
  • Joint and Skeletal (injuries, degeneration)
  • Dental (fussy with bit or refuses)
  • Saddle fitting (bridging, too narrow or wide)
  • Rider training (in front or behind the movement, sitting to one side)

Fior Anam's expertise and services are offered throughout the state of Florida. CLICK HERE to reach us via our contact page if you are interested in scheduling a session. We look forward to working with you and helping your horse reach a level of optimum health and wellness.