Savannah Dowdy

I’m 20 and my dream is to train a Tennessee walking horse to compete in Grand Prix. Sounds crazy right? You might think so.. but that’s why my horses and I are here to prove everyone wrong.

Our little farm doesn’t look like much but the talent that resides in our horses makes up for it. Romeo, Muraco, Chanel and our little old rescue ,Valka make up our family of hooved friends. Here at Create The Gait Farms we offer training of gaited horses in versatility as well as a rescue for unwanted walking horses.

Our horses require the best of care, including their grooming and first aide supplies. Fior Anam’s all natural fly spray “ Swish” is one of our absolute favorites. No chemical smell and absolute all day coverage and protection against nasty flies. Of course we don’t just have one favorite. Our others include “ Shine on” the conditioning serum. Tails and manes are no joke around here! We keep them tangle free and healthy all year long! "