Ian Baese

Ian Baese of Ride A Stride Horsemanship is an accomplished rider and trainer based in Carson City, MI. A 3rd generation horsemen, Ian carries the tradition and passion of a love for horses that runs deep in the family blood. Coming from roots of natural horsemanship and equine-based psychology, Ian focuses on bringing out the full potential and what is best for that horse as an individual. Although a wide variety of skills/ interests in multiple disciplines, dressage is Ian's passion and he is working towards his USDF GOLD dream! Ian has had the advantage and insight of working with many breeds and takes a special liking to stallions, especially those of the Sporthorse variety. Ian firmly believes you learn something from each horse you encounter and it is never the horses, but the people who muck things up!

Wonderful products and an amazing sponsorship from Fior Anam play a large role in helping him push towards the future! Never give up! Always Forward! #RideAStride